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IAC was established in 1991 with offices in Washington, D.C., and Tokyo, Japan. We are a “value-added” research and consulting company that provides comprehensive information analysis and management consulting to primarily Japanese and international clients from the public and private sectors. We employ professionals who are trained in various disciplines including engineering, business, economics, public policy, science and law. Working in close collaboration with an extensive network of expert consultants and affiliates, IAC provides customized industry research, policy analysis and consulting as well as specialized business support services to accommodate the needs of transnational clients.


Our company combines solid technical expertise in a number of specialized areas with a creative, entrepreneurial orientation that encourages innovative approaches and provides results-driven research. We emphasize flexibility, responsiveness and attention to detail while continuing to strive to:

  • Exceed our clients’ expectations
  • Nurture long-term, trust-based business relationships
  • Continually improve and diversify our knowledge and skill sets
  • Build an extensive network of external consultants and associates
  • Maintain a collaborative and dynamic work environment
  • Understand and respect cultural and organizational differences


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