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NMR Pipetector

Stops, Eliminates, Reverses CORROSION, Red Rust in Water Pipes…
With over a decade of experience and 3000+ installs in Industrial Complexes, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Apartment Buildings and Hotels in UK + Japan, this simple to install water pipe appliance:

  • Significantly reduces Iron and other contaminants in water, attributable to oxidation
  • - Extends water pipe life by converting corrosion (red rust) to magnetite
  • - Stops bad water odor, when attributable to corrosion
  • - Stops water discoloration
  • - Improves water taste

Other Benefits:

  • - Eliminates the need for costly, disruptive and environmentally unfriendly pipe replacement construction and waste
  • - Simple 1-2 hour install – clamp-on external pipe assembly
  • - No power requirements
  • - Maintenance Free and 10 year warranty
  • - No need for stoppage of water supply
  • - Environmentally friendly – no toxic or carcinogenic materials used in production or installation, Zero VOCs, and no off gassing

How it Works:

Using Magnetic Resonance Technology, the Pipetector causes the water molecules to resonate along a 6-7 hour path, which discharges hydrated electrons enabling a chemical conversion from Red rust 6FeO(OH) to Magnetite 2Fe3O4. Magnetite creates a protective barrier between the pipe wall and the water, the outflow of iron/corrosion is eliminated, and Magnetite being less than 10% by volume of red rust, over time water flow increases.

Typical Building Results Sample Pipe Age~ Iron content (mg/l)
Before After
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center 26 2.00 0.27
Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge 3 1.07 0.11
Harrods Department Store, London 30 1.29 0.02
Fuji Film DPE Factory, Japan 36 0.50 0.05
Palace of Westminster, London multi 3.90 1.48
City University, London 47 3.41 0.084

US Distributor – International Access Corp. – Washington DC
Produced by – Japan System Planning Co., Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan