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Other Services

While IAC’s primary services consist of research and management consulting, we have found that our Japanese clients often benefit from our strategic location and local expertise in Washington D.C., while other clients may similarly benefit from our office location and extensive business network in Japan. Therefore, we’ve added a number of client services tailored to very specific administrative requirements:


International symposia create unique opportunities for information gathering, but the travel costs can be prohibitive, language problems prevent complete participation and the time required for attendance is often difficult to schedule.  Let IAC’s network of industry experts attend, report and raise questions on your behalf.  We will gather all transcripts and information provided, report specifically on the break-out sessions you are most interested in and summarize the important Q & A interaction that is often the most illuminating feature of these gatherings.  We can follow up with speakers and keep you abreast of similar or follow-on events that may be of interest in your particular sector.  Reports can be available in English and/or Japanese.


We have worked to set up brand new offices for Japanese organizations as well as to assist ongoing Japanese offices in the United States. Frequently changing staffs from Japan have little opportunity to develop the kind of “institutional memory” necessary for long-term operations. We have located office space, assisted with all phases of the office leasing negotiation, space lay-out and move-in issues. We have quickly supplied–and helped local staff to deal with–the most reliable sources for phone and computer wiring, accounting issues, legal help, local vendors, etc.


While we are known for our in-depth reports produced by experts in various technical fields, we also maintain an experienced staff of U.S. researchers who are well-traveled on the Internet and expert at telephone interviews and are able to quickly find sources for a wide variety of instant information. Call us with your request and we will be able to estimate the time needed to track down your information–you will be charged according to a daily rate and we will meet your deadline.


We supply a broad array of services for clients who wish to take advantage of our position as a bridge between Japanese and U.S. opportunities. Do you need a Japanese-to-English or English-to-Japanese translator/interpreter? Are you interested in specific facility tours and meetings arranged for visiting executives or, perhaps, background information on U.S. or Japanese companies and executives? Do you need to find a certain product, supplier, or technology immediately in the U.S. or Japan? IAC has a uniquely international staff experienced in customizing creative solutions that address global business requirements.