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Transportation Infrastructure

Large-scale infrastructure development projects are closely related to transportation planning. For transportation infrastructure administrators, IAC provides clear, relevant, and latest information regarding information technology, standardization, financing, and institutional organizations by collaborating transportation experts. In addition, we provide comparative research (local, regional, national, and international levels) in this area.

Transportation Technology Transfer:

With the recent privatization of Japan’s expressway authority, there are many new proprietary and patented technologies available for international applications in preventive maintenance, bridge inspection systems/software, concrete and pavement materials, cavitation and earthquake-resistant materials and services.  IAC is currently assisting Japan in marketing these technologies to U.S. and global partners.
Basic Research on ITS in Europe: We conduct research on overall ITS trends in Europe, especially focusing on France, Germany, Italy, England, and Holland. Our basic research covers financing, organizational structures, standardization, architectures, research projects, and ITS application. We can also tailor our research to focus on automatic speed control systems, road pricing, control systems for commercial trucks, ETC, telematics, and China strategies.

Basic Research on ITS in the US:

We conduct research on overall ITS activities by the federal government. We monitor the federal surface transportation law and its funding for ITS activities (i.e. model deployments, architectures and standardization, training and technical support, ETC, telematics, DSRC, on-board systems, overall applications.).
Road Administration in the US:We research organizational and policy structures (i.e. DOT, FHWA, state DOTs), policy strategies, transportation asset management, project evaluations, issues, and challenges. By utilizing our network, we conduct face-to-face interviews with the federal agencies and state agencies in addition to conducting case studies and supporting to establish collaborative international relationships. We also monitor media coverage on this area to compile updates to interested agencies.

Federal Surface Transportation Law:

We provide research on the federal surface transportation law: discussion at Congress, budget authorization, articles included in the law, reactions from the industry, revenues and expenditure, new policies, and comparison of budgets. We can set up a website for a client to access to browse our deliverables.
Comparison of Public Works in Japan and the US: We continue to monitor public works funding in the US and Japan to analyze societal and economic implications (i.e. budgetary shares of road projects and time studies of road funding).

Project Evaluations in the Transportation Sector (Examples from a western US region):

We conduct research on transportation performance measures, evaluations, cost-benefit analyses, and accountability. In addition, we can conduct site visits, face-to-face interviews, and set up a website for a client to access to browse our deliverables.